awesome salad #234534

Whenever I throw together a salad with whatever is left in my fridge, I generally find myself sitting at my desk the next day at lunch thinking that this is the best salad I have EVER made.  As if I should have some sort of personal salad hall of fame. 

This happened today.  I’m trying to use up my produce and spend $0 on food this week, since I’ll be leaving for Maine on Thursday.  I had some marinated cucumbers, half a tiny green pepper, a tomato, some other vegetables, and a huge amount of freshly cooked chickpeas in the fridge.  The decision to add peanut butter to the dressing was key here, and added richness and an unexpected flavor.  This also reminded me how much I love fresh ginger!

Anyways, in the future, I’d like to be a little more organized about recipe posting – maybe even getting all fancy and uploading the pictures of my food that are just sitting on my crappy point-and-shoot.  But in order to remember this salad and its awesomeness, I want to record what I did.  Measurements are ROUGH estimates.

Amazing Salad:

Baby Spinach

1/2 Cucumber, chopped and marinated overnight (see marinade recipe below)

1/2 tomato, chopped

Generous serving of chickpeas (maybe 2/3 cup?)

1/4 C butternut squash, roasted in coconut oil and cubed

1/4 C diced green pepper

Sesame seeds (pretty sure these made no difference, except for making me feel like this salad was decidedly ASIAN!)

Peanut – Soy – Ginger Dressing (see below)

Cucumber Marinade:

2 T coconut vinegar

1 t EVOO

1 t minced fresh ginger

1 t minced fresh garlic

1 t maple syrup

1 t dijon mustard

Red pepper flakes, to taste

1 t Minced jalapeno

Peanut – Soy – Ginger Dressing

Leftover Marinade from cucumbers

1 T peanut butter

1 t soy sauce

After Cucumbers marinate overnight, drain them (reserving marinade) and add to spinach, along with other veggies.  mix the dressing and pour over salad right before serving.  yum!

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