smart people make me happy

This morning, I discovered the new “Healthy Eating Plate” via Peas and Thank You. Those smarties over at Harvard have developed simple yet thorough guidelines for what we should strive for at each meal. Check out the full website here.

I think that this is an improvement upon the USDA’s recent MyPlate program, as it gives more concrete examples for each category and limits dairy, sugars, and processed meats. It seems to me that the best food advice includes giving people lots of options for what they can eat, rather than listing out what they “can’t“. The only issue is that I can’t count french fries as a serving of vegetables. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “smart people make me happy

  1. I agree with you, this is much of an improvement. I like how each category on the plate gives you tons and tons of options. It may sound silly, but a lot of people might not even know what’s considered a whole grain, or what the best dairy options are. This is a much more applicable approach than previously. A healthy lifestyle is not about seeing how many foods you can cut out, but rather, the nutritional density of your diet.

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