single girl Columbus Day

otherwise known as, “F*ck I’m in my 20s and I have the day off from work”

The extent of productivity for the day:

1. Fly from Orlando to Charlotte. Get hit on by a pilot in the airport who asks what sport I play and encourages me to “keep up the good work”. It’s okay. At least he wasn’t ugly.

2. Run (okay, well, that was actually productive)

3. Watch an embarrassing number of hours of the Kardashians marathon. I hate that show. But somehow it filled the void that was left once I found myself alone after spending a weekend with my lovely college girlfriends. In the words of my friend Emily, Kris Humphries sounds like a stupid robot.


4. Bake cookies. Recipe possibly to come. Only eat a marginal amount of dough. Pat self on back. Clearly it’s a sign of personal growth.

5. Google pictures of Ryan Gosling. Read this again. Laugh and feel less pathetic (at least I’m not the only one).


6. Watch Gossip Girl in bed. I haven’t watched this show in 2 years. Penn Badgley needs a haircut and I need a life.

7. Drag self out of bed to go to a dinner party. In yoga clothes.
It’s the thought that counts.

Here’s to a new, potentially more productive, day tomorrow.

One thought on “single girl Columbus Day

  1. Glad to hear you are going to make some cookies! Just to warn you, my sister made these cookies and said that it was particularly addicting to eat the cookie dough on the pretzels as she made them! Beware!

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