creature comforts

I had a small epiphany while brushing my teeth the other day. How poetic! I know. And ironic because two days later my dentist told me I had roughly one bajillion cavities. If I ever brag about taking good care of myself, please slap me in the face and hand me some dental floss.


Anyways, back to my epiphany. I realized that soon (in about 14 days) I’ll be without a lot of the creature comforts that I currently take for granted. I won’t be waking up in a cozy, plush, warm bed. I won’t have a spacious home to dawdle around in. I won’t have a full wardrobe (er, room with clothes on the ground) at my disposal. I won’t be able to open my mouth in the shower (have you SEEN the Sex and The City Movie?!) My mom won’t be making me coffee in the morning and I won’t be doctoring it up with homemade almond milk and maple syrup.

So, for the next fourteen days, I should probably be grateful for these things.


This past weekend, my mother volunteered at an event where thousands of homeless children were bussed in from shelters throughout the Boston area for a big party, complete with a meal, crafts for the kids, and plenty of toys. She came home with a full heart, inspired by the joy that these families – who have so little – could share with her, and grateful for all that we are blessed with: a warm and comfortable home, healthy and loving family members, and the ability to spend the holidays together. For someone like me, who frequently pouts when the fridge isn’t stocked with organic spinach, this was a nice little wake-up call. We all have so much: so much to be thankful for, and so much to give.

So, with gratitude for what I have and an understanding that my life will be a little less “comfortable” in the coming months, I’m endeavoring to be grateful for the little things. Warmth. Tap water. Fresh food I can make for myself. My own room. Fluffy towels. Cooking for my parents. My laptop. More than five pairs of underwear. A tree that sparkles and reminds me that Someone very special has a birthday coming up (a.k.a. JESUS!!!).


Let’s all be grateful for the little things and the big things. We are so lucky.

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