A prayer for 2012


Dear Lord,

Please keep me safe in 2012. Watch over Mariel and me as we explore new parts of Your big green earth. Help us to be grateful for each day, open to the new cultures we encounter, prepared against danger, patient with each other, and accepting of all the bumps along the road. Also, Heavenly Father, if you could make sure we don’t fall off any mountains, get malaria, or get bitten by rabid animals, it would be much appreciated.

Please keep my family and friends safe, too. Keep them warm, and healthy, and happy, and hungry for the experiences of this life. May they remember, each day, how much they are loved.

Please watch over those in need. Bring food to the hungry, shelter to the homeless, healing to the sick, peace to those who suffer, emancipation to the oppressed, joy to those struggling with darkness, mercy to those who have wronged, and faith to those in doubt. Bring us all gratitude, and joy, and love, and a charitable spirit, no matter what our beliefs may be.

Help us all to approach and understand our fellow men with open minds, open hearts, and open arms. Rid us of a desire to judge, and grant us patience with all who come across our path. May we all recognize that our own ways need not be the ways of everyone.

Most of all, Lord, help us to increase the amount of Good in the world. May we be Your bread, broken for others.


Have a blessed new year, everyone!


One thought on “A prayer for 2012

  1. “May we all realize that our ways need not be the ways of others.” I like that 🙂
    Be safe on all your travels, you’ll be on my mind.

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