My new baby

I finally have a teeny, tiny computer. And it’s all mine. And it’s in India.

Getting my hands on this thing was definitely one of those experiences that a) makes you appreciative of how EASY things are in the states, and b) serves as an exercise in patience. Serious, serious patience.

Let’s make a long story short and say that I’ve been to the computer store three times in the past day, and have spent a total of roughly five hours there, most of which was idle waiting time. After buying (i.e. paying for) a computer, I had to wait for the thing to arrive (during which time I left and went to a cooking class – more on that later!) and then wait two more hours for them to configure it. I understand that the kind owners of the store (who provided me coffee throughout the day and did their best to explain what was going on and WHY) were simply doing their job. However, I was a bit surprised to learn how many steps there were in the process of simply buying a computer.

So, to the Apple store at SouthPark Mall in Charlotte, I apologize for all the times I cursed your name. Because even if you caused me to hyperventilate upon entry, you at least made it possible to buy things almost instantaneously.

And to my shiny new toy, thank you for playing hard to get. It has made our first hours that much sweeter. And now I can actually upload pictures without committing a whole afternoon to the activity, and write wthout squinting over my phone. I promise to try to avoid dropping you or spilling coffee in your general vicinity.

REJOICE! Mama needs some chocolate.

3 thoughts on “My new baby

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