instagram postcard

Greetings from Varkala, India!


The palm trees are as plentiful as the European tourists, every restaurant has pizza and french fries on the menu, and I have successfully learned how to barter.

Our cottage, set back in the palm groves, is quiet and quaint as could be.


Ganesh protects our door from any intruders,


And the cliffs are two minutes’ walk away.


The day starts with sleeping in, yoga, and complimentary breakfast at a nearby restaurant. And beach time is always a must.


It’s the kind of place where even the milkiest, weakest coffee tastes perfect (it’s free, after all), and the only thing more interesting to watch than the people is the crash of the waves.


No more 4:30 AM wake-up calls. No more going to bed at eight. Although I still miss Mysore, I’m liking the feeling of being on vacation. Of the sand on my toes. Of having a beer with dinner if I so choose. Of laying around for hours just reading a book and watching clouds pass.

I could get used to this.

4 thoughts on “instagram postcard

  1. “even the milkiest, weakest coffee tastes perfect”-so true, I’ve never had instant coffee taste as good as it does in some far off, distant land while on vacation. 🙂

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