clear your noodle.

Skype is a beautiful thing. It’s kept me so close to my family despite the miles and time zones that separate us.

Thanks to Skype, I’ve gotten some really great parental advice over the past few days (have I ever mentioned how amazing my parents are?) Some of it is too precious to broadcast to the rest of the world. And some of it is too great not to share.

Today, Mariel and I leave for eleven days of trekking in the Himalaya. We’ll (hopefully) make it to Annapurna Base Camp (13,000 ft) and back. Our guide is an 18 year old Nepali kid named Tony. I kid you not.

I love the mountains. They make my heart happy. I can’t wait to get out there; I think it’s exactly what my body and my heart and my mind need at this precise moment in my life. I need some quiet. I need some time. I need some mountain air.

My mom agrees.

“Clear your noodle”, she said.

So I’m off to clear my noodle. Mother knows best, after all.

See you all on the flip side. And happy early St. Patrick’s day! Remember to wear green so the leprechauns don’t play tricks on you. And if anyone could fedex some Irish soda bread to Annapurna Base Camp (I assume this is fairly easy), that would be great. I like mine with raisins and caraway. Thanks.

I love it when you write to me.

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